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Attendance Policies and Procedures

When clicked, a Google Form will open on page to allow you to clear your absence.

Excused Absences (Per Ed Code 48205)

  • Illness (doctor verification required after three (3) days)
  • Medical or dental appointment (doctor verification required)
  • Funeral services (limit one day within CA, three days if out of state)
  • Religious reasons (Four days per month)


School activities, sports events, and field trips

  • When a student misses class for a school-related function, there classroom teacher is required to mark them absent and a School Messenger call will go out that evening. Once the sponsoring teacher/coach submits a list of students to the attendance office, absences will be cleared within one week.


School Messenger

  • School Messenger is an automated system that calls parents when a student has been marked absent. If you receive a call that your student was absent from school and you know they were present, you should follow the above steps 1-3 for disputed absences. 
  • However, if you are aware of your student's absence, simply click on the link above to complete the attendance form or send a note with the student upon their return. There is no need to call the office.

Click the links below for more information.

LBUSD Parent/Guardian Attendance Notification

LBUSD Aviso De Asistencia Para Padres De Familia

Steps for clearing incorrect absences

  1. Go to ParentVue to find dates/periods of absences
  2. Discuss any questionable absences with your child
  3. Have the student speak with their teacher about any questionable absences.
    • If the teacher agrees there was an error, the teacher will submit a correction form to the attendance office. This will allow the attendance clerk to remove the error.
    • If the teacher does not agree, the absence will remain
  4. After completing steps 1-3, if there are still issues, contact the attendance office.